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T-800 CPU port.

The 800 Series[6][7] Terminator contains a Neural Net Processor CPU, or „learning computer“, contained within the endoskull and protected by inertial shock dampers. The CPU, developed by Cyberdyne Systems, is one of the most powerful microprocessors ever built. As part of its vast internal databases, the T-800 contains detailed files on human anatomy and physiology to make it a more efficient killer.[8] The CPU can also be updated with database files related to advanced infiltration techniques, basic training for soldiers, emergency medical training, sniper training, an extensive tactical database, and detailed files from other terminators making each unit a combat veteran.[9]

Learning Capabilities and Self-Awareness

The CPU of a T-800 Terminator can be switched between read-write mode and read-only mode. The former allows a T-800 unit to learn new things or skills, possibly allowing for some sort of self-awareness or a „consciousness“ which can enable the machine to make its own decisions rather than be bound strictly by programming. Carl is an example as [he] „grew a conscience“ years after blending into human society and decided to help Sarah Connor and Grace Harper to protect Dani Ramos from a Rev-9.


The silvery metal endoskeleton of the T-800 is a microprocessor controlled triple-armored hyper-alloy combat chassis[10] and is constructed with frictionless bearings in its joints, and a servo-actuated control system. Its limbs are controlled by axial drive motors and clavicular trailing links, allowing the T-800s to maneuver faster than the T-600 Terminators, as bursts of speed of up to 22 mph[citation needed] no longer threatened the joint assemblies. The T-800 was also 20% lighter and 40% stronger than the T-600. [citation needed] The armored frame is capable of withstanding most contemporary weapons with small caliber[5][8] and sometimes even withstanding a direct hit from grenade launchers.[11][12]

A T-800 features a jack in the back of its head for plugging in a cable to receive persona templates and other instructions from its master.[13]